Software architect, programmer, researcher, inventor, husband and father.

My current fields of interest include natural language processing, search, data science and geospatial analytics. My background is in mathematics and computer science.

"Move fast!"

 Drum Different.

Drum Different.

I took up drumming 18 years ago. Those who hear me play say I should have started much earlier. 

 Welcome to the Augmented Reality tour.

Welcome to the Augmented Reality tour.

I'm interested in photography, home automation (the original IoT) and cycling.

 Visit Ottawa Canada.  Bring a shovel.

Visit Ottawa Canada.  Bring a shovel.

I was born in Toronto Canada and now call Ottawa home.  Winter is coming.

 Go Jays Go. 

Go Jays Go. 

Best of all, I'm living happily ever after with my wife, son and dog named Belle (a Toronto Blue Jays fan). 

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Corporate Blog:  - The last place to go for the weather™

See also: The high priced Environment Canada and the Weather Network forecasts.  is a collection of sensor readings and related weather information.

My weather station is located on top of my house in Kars Ontario Canada.


I built this system to answer a question: Which direction should I go on my bike ride?
I like to ride into the wind and be pushed back home with a tail wind.  Answered.

My Patent Scoreboard


I submit new patents regularly. Here are the latest box scores for my: